Privacy Policy

Privacy policies are usually blah blah! And Jeez the lawyers make our life complicated with all that mumbo jumbo. So we asked one of our lawyer friends to help out with an understandable privacy policy.

We do not believe in earning quick bucks by selling your personal information to anybody. We promise we shall never share, lease or sell your personal information whether its your IQ which you show through your comments , about the days when you took your dad´s car without informing him or even the secret kiss you exchanged with your best friend’s girl friend.

1469Workshop may share information collected by it with third parties to help process your order (e.g. shipping companies, credit card processors, etc.) or to provide statistical and demographic analysis to 1469Workshop to help it and its business partners provide you with better services and offerings.

The information regarding your credit cards are never ever and will never be stored by under any circumstances without your prior permission. All orders are processed by the bank and payment gateway on their servers and all the credit card information is transferred to their secure servers for processing the order.

Future changes to the Privacy Policy may be made at any time by sending you an email or posting notice of the changes on the site, with the changes effective 30 days after 1469Workshop dispatch of the email or posting of the notice. To ask questions about this policy, write to us at

What we collect collects information like your name, shipping address, email address from you to:

  • Process the order
  • Provide you with customer support
  • Allow you to use community forums at 1469Workshops
  • Send you newsletters and other communications when necessary